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Dlish Very Vegetarian :: Sedona, AZ
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What's it all about?? It s about eating healthy!!!!

You dont have to be a Vegetarian or Vegan to enjoy good food. We have the best burgers and desserts you have never had! Simple, tasty and healthy, thats what we are all about.

Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle is chanllenging. The D'Lish Family makes it easy for you. So stop by and have a healthy meal. Your body will reward you because you will feel great after you leave.

Everyday, Agnes searches for the best ingredients produced from organically grown foods with the purity that Mother Nature intended. She is very conscious about serving NON GMO foods, foods with no pesticides and other unhealthy additives by using the freshest organic herbs, seeds, nuts, spices & produce found in the marketplace. We want you to receive Earths nourishment that was originally intended for all of us.

Our offerings are energized from the passion and love that our family puts into making it. The menu is made fresh, from scratch, each and everyday by blending personalities, passions, ideas, various backgrounds and of course recipes. Our objective is to create unique, delicious, great tasting gourmet food especially for you. We do not use dairy or any other animal by-products. Nor do we use refined sugars or flours. Soy-free and wheat-free items can be found on our menu as well as raw items. The chefs utilize as much coconut oil, coconut flour and unrefined products as possible.

We absolutely love having you here and hope you enjoy your experience!

Peace Love and Health,
Richard Hazen, Proprietor
Agnes Hazen, Proprietor, Chef
Erinn, Chef's Assistant,
Victorious, Kitchen Assistant
& the D'Lish Family

It's All Good Companies