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Personal Chef Services Boulder

You don't have to be a Vegetarian or Vegan to enjoy good food. We have the best burgers and desserts you have never had! Simple, tasty and healthy, that's what we are all about.

Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle is challenging. The D'Lish Family makes it easy for you. So stop by and have a healthy meal. Your body will reward you because you will feel great after you leave.

Everyday, Angie searches for the best ingredients produced from organically grown foods with the purity that Mother Nature intended. She is very conscious about serving NON GMO foods, foods with no pesticides and other unhealthy additives by using the freshest organic herbs, seeds, nuts, spices & produce found in the marketplace. We want you to receive Earths nourishment that was originally intended for all of us.  Angie’s Secret Garden provides personal chef services in Boulder Colorado

Our offerings are energized from the passion and love that our family puts into making it. The menu is made fresh, from scratch, each and everyday by blending personalities, passions, ideas, various backgrounds and of course recipes. Our objective is to create unique, delicious, great tasting gourmet food especially for you. We do not use dairy or any other animal by-products. Nor do we use refined sugars or flours. Soy-free and wheat-free items can be found on our menu as well as raw items. The chefs utilize as much coconut oil, coconut flour and unrefined products as possible.

We absolutely love having you here and hope you enjoy your experience!

Peace Love and Health,
Richard Hazen, Proprietor
Angie Spuzak, Proprietor, Chef
Erinn, Chef's Assistant,
Victorious, Kitchen Assistant
& the D'Lish Family

Private Cook Services:

Dlish has since closed but Angie is now providing personal chef services in Boulder and Denver, as well as offering nutrition consulting after having graduated from Bauman College in Boulder.
Here is an excerpt from her personal chef site:
Angie’s Secret Garden provides personal chef services in Boulder Colorado, and surrounding areas.  Chef Angie owned and operated several restaurants, and café’s, where she honed her skill in preparing amazing healthy food for her patrons.  As a natural chef, and trained nutritionist with a holistic orientation, Chef Angie’s job is to make your life easier by preparing food that is healing, rejuvenating and nutritious – right in the comfort of your own home if you choose (In-home cooking is available for Boulder residents and typically food is delivered for those clients in surrounding areas).

Testimonial for Personal Chef Services:

“My husband and I are typical, busy 30-somethings. In trying to get everything else done, we were cutting corners on food; meal planning and prep was always pushed down the to-do list. Ironically, we were also doing more research into real food and valued eating healthy, but couldn’t seem to create time for it and as a result were eating out more often than is reasonable. I have never known anyone who used a personal chef, so the concept was foreign to me, but I finally started looking into it and found Chef Angie.

In a nutshell, she’s been fantastic! I was expecting the time savings of day-to-day meal prep and cleanup, but was astonished to realize how much mental energy meal planning (and worry/guilt about lack of planning) had been taking – it was a huge load off my shoulders when I was able to stop thinking about “what’s for dinner?” To top it off, everything has been delicious – we feel as though we have a restaurant in our refrigerator to select from each night! As an added bonus, my husband has lost 20+ pounds and is back to his high school weight.”

-Allie & Ryan
Denver, CO

I specialize in cooking for individuals who have dietary restrictions due to illness, allergies or suggestions from healthcare professionals.  I strive to cook with only the best seasonal, organic and local ingredients possible.  My goal being the preparation of real food that is free of preservatives and unnecessary toxins.  I am familiar with numerous diets such as paleo, AIP and can aid my clients in losing weight as well as optimizing their health through a full nutritional evaluation as I recently graduated from Bauman College as a Nutritionist.

Most of my clients find that hiring a personal chef is a powerful way to create more time with their families without giving up high quality meals at home.

If you have been trying to find a personal chef, or hire a cook, with real culinary skills then look no further. Chef Angie is your private chef in the Boulder/Denver area.  It is so easy to cut corners with our food, particularly when we are just trying to keep up with everything. It is like magic to come home to a refrigerator full of healthy food!  Enjoy whole foods cooking right in the privacy of your own home.

Schedule an appointment for Personal Chef Services near Boulder, CO or set up an intake for Nutritional Counseling.

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